The Saratoga Horse Racing Experience

saratogaracingWhile the presence of the mineral springs might have been key to the original interest in and development of the Saratoga Springs area, surely it is Saratoga horse racing that has spread the fame of this area far and wide today.

Established in 1863, the Saratoga Race Course is the oldest annual thoroughbred horse racing event in America and has been called one of the top ten sporting venues in the world by Sports Illustrated. For six weeks every summer, the crowds descend on the Saratoga area to take in one of the greatest horse racing meets known to man!

The race was initiated by John Hunter and W.R. Travers backed by John Morrissey. During the late Victorian area it became an extremely fashionable place to be during August and you were likely to see an amazing array of the rich and famous attending.

Saratoga has been the location for many historical horse racing events and in particular some stunning upsets such as the 1919 loss of the heavily favored “Man O’ War” to “Upset”. At odds of 100 to 1, Jim Dandy beat the 1930 Triple Crown Winner “Gallop Fox”. And in 1973 “Secretariat” lost to “Onion” in a heavy upset.

So come experience Saratoga this summer and take home unforgettable memories!