Saratoga’s Natural Mineral Springs

Saratoga SpringSaratoga Springs actually has a namesake which are the amazing naturally occurring mineral springs that are found in this area. The water is naturally carbonated and the springs are abundant here because of a particular geological fault line called the Saratoga fault. Because it is so important to the town, the springs have been kept well preserved and are accessible in public parks throughout the city.

Visitors are welcome to sample the water from the springs and each one is unique depending on the minerals in the area and each has a different taste and color. There are also wonderful mineral baths available at local spas. You can pick up a guide to the springs at the Saratoga Springs Visitors Center, or at the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce.

Before the area was settled by colonists, the Native Americans considered the springs and the surrounding area as sacred ground. They referred to the spring we know today as High Rock Spring as “Medicine Spring of the Great Spirit”. They were very much aware of the healing nature of the waters.

In 1771 Sir William Johnson was one of the first white men to visit the springs, when he was brought to High Rock Spring for healing. Soon word of the springs spread and curiosity brought more visitors.

In the 1800s, Saratoga came to be as a resort town to serve the needs of the many visitors seeking the health benefits of the springs.