Saratoga Historic National Park

Red_Canons_mod3_300dpiThe Saratoga Historic National Park is the site of the American Revolutionary War Battle famously called “The Battle Of Saratoga.” This battle was fought in 1777 and was a pivotal event in the war. To that point, American victories had been few and not very significant. The British army was considered far superior in every way and the primary tactics of the revolutionary forces were to harass and run. All major battles, until Saratoga, had resulted in British victories.

The actual result of the Battle of Saratoga could be considered a draw, but ultimately the British withdrew, which was enough of a victory for the Americans. For the first time they had gone toe to toe with the British on an open battlefield and did not have to retreat. This was enough of a triumph that it played a significant part in the ability of Benjamin Franklin to convince the French to intervene in the war on behalf of the Americans which ultimately resulted in American independence.

The park preserves the battlefield and provides great historical insight into what happened there. It first became a New York State historical preserve in 1927 on the 150th anniversary of the battle. Later it became part of the National Park system in 1938.

A self guided tour is available and there is also a wonderful visitor’s center which offers unique displays, historical information, and a 20 minute film about the park.